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Reinventing Your Living Room In 7 Easy Decorating Steps

Follow Us For many people, the living room is a significant part of their room so dear to their hearts. The living room is, arguably, the yardstick in indicating how presentable and comfortable your room is for both you and your guest. Maybe you are out there pondering how you will go about decorating your [...]


Styling Your Condo Bedroom on a Budget

Follow Us Many people think of their Bangkok condo bedroom as a place to sleep or nap – no more, no less. But there are times when one can’t sleep in comfort because the room does not give a soothing atmosphere at all. For sure, you have your dream bedrooms in mind, but you might [...]


Lighting Your Condo Rooms

Follow Us With all the things that must be done in order to decorate your new home, you might forget to plan for the lighting of the different rooms in the house. Lighting the rooms effectively is essential in enjoying every corner of your Bangkok condo, as it can make or break you and your [...]


Makeover 101: New Year, New Living Room

Follow Us So your Bangkok condo is gorgeous, but not as magnificent and envious as the one you’ve seen, the one your friend owned down the street. You want to revamp yours, but you just can’t find the time and is clueless on what to do. Well, you can just hire someone to do the [...]


Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Bangkok Condo

Follow Us Planning well on things you need to do is the best solution to avoid difficulty in choosing out furniture for your Bangkok condo. Home decoration is said to be one of the most challenging part of condo ownership. Generally, most of the condo units are relatively small. Yet, many owners have more ideas [...]


Purchasing Wooden Flooring for Your Condo

Follow Us Condos look fabulous and even more elegant with shiny first-class wooden flooring. For more fulfilling results on purchasing wood flooring surfaces from hardwood  shops, consider doing the following guidelines: Calculate the Budget Estimating the right sum of money for your Bangkok condo wooden floor must be taken seriously, or it will give you [...]


How to Maximize Your Condo Space


Follow Us Some people think that it’s a disadvantage for condo units to have such limited floor space. Well, it’s true that condo units possess smaller spaces than traditional houses, but do you know that it can be an advantage for condo owners like you? It’s not only fun to decorate your condo and maximize [...]


Condo Style: 2013 Interior Design Trends


Follow Us New Year is just around the corner, so it’s about time you think about changing the interior design of your Bangkok condo unit to get ready for the memorable moments you’ll have in 2013. And because 2013 is the year after the dreaded “end of the world” year of 2012, bright and bold [...]


Decorating Your Condo: Form and Function

Follow Us Before thinking of the accessories and other things that you would like to see in your new condo, you must be able to accomplish a plan regarding the form and function of every room in the unit. It is significant to decide on which room will be you and your family’s working area, [...]


Design Inspiration & Decorating a Condo in Bangkok

Follow Us Decorating Your Condo: Playing with Colors Color is an essential part of decorating a new condo unit. Selecting which colors go to which room or corner of the unit can make or break the decorating plan. From walls to floors, the colors seen in your unit reflects who you are as a homeowner, [...]

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