Condo for Sale: Give Your Condo that ‘Sales Appeal’

Deliberating on how to act fast and give your Bangkok condo its sales appeal? Don’t panic. Here are 10 steps to help you add style to your condo and do it fast:
1. Fab-up your furniture. If you think your sofa and chairs are so last season, don’t throw them out just yet. Give it a chance, using slipcovers. Sure fit offers a variety of slipcovers, ranging from sofas, loveseats, ottomans, chairs, recliners, wing chairs, dining chairs, and more.

Search Google and find websites that can help you find the perfect slipcover with guides on how to measure, tips for fitting, and the wonderful swatch service to let you choose whatever color you want. But if you have a scratched wooden furniture, just buy a furniture scratch remover at the local hardware store.

2.Change your incandescent light bulbs that emit dull yellow rays to fluorescent lamps that reveal the true colors of the room. Fluorescent lamps produce clean and clear light which makes all the colors of the room vibrant.

3. Old lamp shades with torn linings and is faded needs to be replaced. Get new shades that are in soft neutral tone, to make the room more stylish.

4. Don’t forget to clean the windows, inside and out. Do this even in the winter, to maintain its sparkly cleanliness. Dress it also with simple panels, not with fussy window coverings that ruin the style of the room.

5. Update the look of your appliances. Add new oven racks, change the knobs, get a new stainless steel door cover for your dishwasher, or replace your used oven tops with new ones.

6. Make cabinets look stylish with instant lights. You can purchase lights that are cordless and is powered just by batteries. Adhesive backing makes the installation easy, using no tools at all. By just touching the light, it can be turned on or off.

7. Fix the grouts. You wouldn’t want the kitchen or bathroom to look dirty because of stained or chipped grout. 3M TrafficMaster stain-proof grout does the trick. It is ready to apply, since it is pre-mixed, and comes in 30 different colors.

8. Make your floors good-looking. If it is gorgeous already, just clean and polish it. But if it is damaged, try covering them up with wall-to-wall carpets. Check out stores that sell carpet in your area and choose one that is in neutral tone and worthy for its price.

9. Don’t let your wall be rough. Yes, painting a rough wall is hard, and the result can be disappointing. Let’s learn something from paint pros. Before painting, cover the wall with Waverley wall liner.

10. Show off a good balcony or patio. A beautiful balcony or patio is an asset for selling. Make the space look best to exhibit a comfortable and relaxing place after a hard day’s work. Create a charming seating arrangement, and add planters with flowers or foliage. This final touch will surely add appeal and attractiveness to your Bangkok Condo, ready for selling.

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