Kindergartens of Bangkok

Here is a short summary of those kindergartens of Bangkok.

The American School of Bangkok

There are two campuses of the school in Bangkok. One is located in the Sukhumvit area of the city. The precise address is – Sukhumvit Street Soi 49/3 (behind Samitivej Hospital). The other one is situated in the Bangna region of Bangkok, located off the Bangna-Trad Street at Km. 15, within the striking parklands of the Green Valley Country Club. The school imparts its academic educations with four Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs). They look to building their students into – Effective communicators, world class citizens, independent learners and critical thinkers. With “Building Leadership” as its motto, the school operates under the American Curriculum. Along with core academics, offers a very diverse choice for electives.

Ascot International School

This school is situated in the Saparnsung vicinity. The address is Saparnsung, Ramkhamhaeng 118, Bangkok 10240. Ascot is actually an acronym for Aspiring, Self aware, Confident, Open minded and Technologically literate, which are the five traits this school wants its students to grow inside themselves. Ascot boasts of its refined English environment, which helps the students nurture and foster their own creativity and personality that will eventually help them in their pursuit of academic excellence. The foundation phase of the school has three phases – Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception. It follows the national curriculum of England. The school has set six specific goals to aim at. There are fourteen subjects that students are allowed to choose from for the IGCSE level.

Australian International School Bangkok

Of its two campuses, the first is situated in the Sukhumvit district. Its address is Ramintra Street, Sukhumvit Soi 20, Tha Raeng, Bangkhen. The other campus is located in the Watcharapol area, specifically 999 Soi Watcharapol, Ramintra Street, Tha Raeng, Bangkhen. The curriculum is based on that followed in the schools of the state of New South Wales of Australia, focusing on literacy, numeracy and the creative arts of music and visual art. Its target is to provide the best possible start in education for its students so that they are able to move through the next stages of their education as confident and enthusiastic learners. It renders a blend of direct teaching, enquiry based learning and a strong co-curricular program.

Bangkok Christian International School

It is situated in the Pattanakarn area of Bangkiok. Its address is Suanluang, 53 Soi 44 Pattanakarn Street, Bangkok 10250. The school is endowed with the Christian Spirit of love and concern for human dignity. It looks to enabling the students to live and serve effectively in the global community by teaching them how to apply wisdom through the comprehension, appreciation, and evaluation of the world. The school provides scholarships to all missionaries, pastors or full-time church workers, government officers and also for academic achievement and to students of sports or musical talent. It generates among its students the seeds of leadership, independent thought and development of life-ling leaning skills.

Bangkok Grace International School

It is placed in the Wangthonglang district of Bangkok. Its address is Wangthonglang, 79/3-12 Lardphrao Street Soi 112, Bangkok 10310, Thailand. The school is set to sow in the minds of its students the wisdom and knowledge of God side by side with nurturing their academic potentials and emboldening them with qualities essential to be men of character and integrity in today’s challenging world. It follows the American curriculum of education. The school has five strata in its system – nursery, kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school. It has five school buses that provide door to door service to the students residing at Bangkok. The school offers some unique services such as ESL program, Taekwondo, English camp and golf program.

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School

It is located at the Sukhumvit purlieu of Bangkok. The address is Wattana, 23 Sukhumvit 53, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. It directly follows the national curriculum of England, rendering quality education to pupils from nursery up to grade 13. The school strives to prepare its students for life and help them realize their full potential through a stimulating and challenging international learning community. Diversity is a major feature of this school with students of 36 different nations currently enrolled and 53% of the total number of pupils are non-Thai. It is unique with its load of after school activities including photography club, football club, performance choir club, tennis club, badminton club, ballet club, golf club, rock climbing club etc.

Bangkok Patana School

It is situated at the Sukhumvit district of Bangkok, specifically at Sukhumvit 105, 643 La Salle Street, Bangkok 10260. The school imparts education in accordance with the British curriculum up to the 11th grade. In the 12th and 13th grades it follows the International Baccalaureate. One patronizing aspect of this school is that it recognizes the importance of the world outside the classroom. Its ECA are categorized into fields of sport, creativity, language, ICT, dance, community, social and music – enabling a magnificent cross of activities for pupils to choose from.  About 80 activities are there for students in Key Stage 1 whereas Key Stage 2 students have over 100 options to choose from.  Secondary students are offered more than 150 choices.

Berkeley International School

It is placed at the Bangna precinct. Its address is 123 Bangna-Trad, 1 kilometer, Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand. The school follows the American curriculum of education. Here, a student is mentored to become a facilitator in a stimulating ambience of cultural diversity, academic excellence, holistic growth and perception based learning. One lucrative feature of this school is that it provides a full snack and lunch program and catering service for both vegetarian and non-veg pupils of both Thai and non-Thai origins to suite their respective palates and cuisines. The school’s another specialty is the incorporation of IT as subject in the very primary stages of pre-kindergarten.

British Early Years Centre

Its location is near the Phayathai vicinity. Its address is Sutthisarn Samsen Nai, 19/2 Inthamara 3, Phayathai, Bangkok  10400. It follows the British Foundation Stage Curriculum. A very charming fact about this school is that it believes children learn best when they enjoy the process they do it in. To that end, it has introduced a teaching environment that seeks to refreshing the pupils’ minds as well as educating them. Every day the students are provided with opportunities for role-playing, arts and crafts, soft-play, sand and water play and construction activities. It also believes students get the best opportunities at developing themselves when taught at small classes. That’s why it boasts of its specialty of having very small classrooms.

Charter International School

It’s placed at the Ratchakan district of Bangkok. Its address is Ratchakan Thi 9, 36 Chaloem Phrakiat, Street Prawet, Bangkok 10250, Thailand. The school ventures in nurturing each student as a whole so that he becomes an independent, productive and lifelong learner and becomes a responsible global citizen. This international school houses over 30 nationalities of pupils, providing an assortment of cosmopolitanism of classmates. The school has two indoor basketball courts, one tennis court, a swimming pool half the standard Olympic size, a gymnasium, a football field, a grass sport field, two libraries, well-equipped science labs, art and design technology rooms, charter canteens, a sick bay with a professional nurse, school buses covering entire Bangkok, ten music rooms and a dance room.

Ekamai International School

Located at the Sukhumvit outskirts of Bangkok, its address is Soi Charoenjai, 57 Ekamai 12, Sukhumvit 63, Klongtan Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. This is an English medium school that follows the American system of education, specifically the California state curriculum. Here, students can avail five study programs equivalent to the Ministry of Education M6 Certificate – General Diploma and four types of College Prep Diploma (General, Medicine, Business and Engineering). Side by side with sports and clubs, it provides co-curricular activities like Chinese and Japanese language classes, bands and choirs. The school believes true education involves the entire human being and endorses the symphonic growth of the physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of the human nature.

Garden International School

It is situated at the Yen Akart area of Bangkok. Its address is Yen Akart Street Sathorn, 2/1 Yen Akart, Soi 2, Bangkok 10120, Thailand. It imparts education in accordance with the national curriculum of England and Wales for pupils of age 2 in early grades up to Key Stage 3 in grade 9, with students aged 14 years. In grades 10 and 11 they follow the esteemed Cambridge IGCSE course. Its goal is to be an internationally recognized provider of pupil-oriented quality British education in Thailand, vesting apprentices to cultivate their full potential. This school venerates the individuality of each youngster, endeavoring to provide a motivating and fostering environment while aiming for the highest educational standards.

Harrow International School

It is located at the Si Kan area of Bangkok. Its address is Don Muang, Si Kan, Bangkok 10210. In the Early Years Centre (Pre K, K1 and K2) the curriculum is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Course which facilitates the kids to hit the books through an assortment of activities. It is student-centered and very successful in establishing, as its name suggests, an excellent foundation for learning and behavior. In Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 (Years 1 to 9) the students follow the national curriculum of England and Wales as the base set of courses. This is adjusted to reflect the fact that the school has 34 different nationalities but is based in Thailand.

International Community School

It is placed in the Khet Bangna precinct of Bangkok. The address is Khwaeng Bangna, 1225 The Parkland Street, Khet Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand. It has seven core values – Biblical truth, Christ-centeredness, love, growth, community, integrity and respect. The school follows the American Curriculum of education. Its specialty is its athletic programs. Sportspersons from this school contest in the Bangkok International Schools Athletic Conference (BISAC). The sports mostly participated by its students are – basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton and intramurals. These programs at ICS are intended to offer the pupils opportunities to cultivate their physical skills and aptitudes as well as self-discipline and headship prospective. Its unique belief is, triumph comes from a pledge to excellence.

International Kindergarten

It is located in the Sukhumvit district of Bangkok. Its primary address is 313 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok 10110. The nursery unit admits infants aged from 18 months to 3 years on a part/full time basis. The staff introduces the fresh children to a delightful schedule trained at age-appropriate level. The International Kindergarten enrolls children from 3.5 to 5.5 years. Its curriculum shadows the British Early Years Foundation Stage but integrates nearly 30 years of its own experience to craft a seasoned program. All children following it will be recognized by all structures of colleges. British, International, American, Australian, Canadian etc. are instances of syllabus where its undergraduates have sustained their lessons after leaving IPC.

International Pioneers School

It is positioned at the Charoen Nakorn vicinity of Bangkok. The address is Charoen Nakorn Street, 20 Radruam Charoen, Charoen Nakorn Soi 14, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand. Its program of study is sculpted in accordance with the British National Curriculum and amended to meet the prerequisites of both the indigenous and foreign students. The school’s mission is to buoy up and instigate every juvenile in its maintenance to turn out to be pioneers. Here, students are inspired to launch themselves on a voyage of discovering their own entities and the universe they are a part of, and thus fostering self-awareness, cultivating a passion for wisdom and gen that will assist the students for the rest of their existence.

John Wyatt Montessori

It is placed at the Chautak precinct of Bangkok. Its address is Yak 4-3-4, 2/1 Soi Paholyothin 24, Chompon, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand 10900. It offers a spot-on student-centered schooling, where every child is keenly involved in his edification. The materials used in the class are scheming and eye-catching to the kid. In a multi-age class, fresher youngsters mug up from the elder ones in term of communal anticipation and also acumen by scrutinizing the older children. Older kids master their expertise from helping younger ones. Veneration for each other and headship are established through the years. The school not only emphasizes on the child’s rational aptitude, but also on ingenuity, societal skills, objectivity, self-esteem, problem solving, and self-discipline.

Keerapat International School

It is positioned in the Ramintra area of Bangkok. The address is Ramintra Street, 58 Moo 9, Soi Ramintra 34, Bangkok 10220, Thailand. It is one of the youngest schools to be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Sor Mor Sor. It believes the impending residents of the global village should be armed with the essential inquest and acute rational skills in order for them to cope with the hasty progresses in technology while holding their respective ethnic uniqueness. It has four core values – Knowledge, peace, integrity and spirituality. The school houses a hefty and commodious library with a brilliant assemblage of books and resources for all arrays of students.


This weekly school has 11 branches located throughout Bangkok. It specializes in imparting education in a manner that signifies the fun side of learning. The little kids are encouraged to build their own world of innovation and discovery free of exam routines and quiz schedules. This is a place for children to meet their counterparts. Here they are offered all sorts of musical, sports, mathematical, physical and art equipment so that every child can nurture his own potential. It is composed of a gym & play room and two activity rooms, also hosting a small library junction and scheming play corner to help stimulate learning milieu. The facility has been exactingly planned to conform to both US and Thai eminence canons on several dimensions.

Kids’ Academy

It is located at the Sukhumvit district of Bangkok. Its address is 52/1-2 Sukhumvit 63, Soi 2, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. The six features it boasts of are – innocuous and sheltered milieu, expedient location, registered by the Ministry of Education, natural green site, British-centered set of courses and member of ISAT. Its specialty is that the nursery modules are in addition supervised by experienced and expressly trained au pair. The school arranges for a well-balanced healthful lunch and salubrious morning and afternoon canapés. Individual dietary requests are also catered for. It is a ‘Boutique’ style conservatory. Its stature enables the governing body the opportunity to take an intimate and discrete slant to teaching.

Kids’ Kingdom Bangkok

It is situated at the Wattana area of Bangkok. The address is Klongtan Nua, 22/1 Sukhumvit 47, Wattana, Bangkok  12345, Thailand. It has five goals – To devise and launch a high feature sequencer that is recurrently gauged and upgraded, to recruit and hold trained and veteran early childhood mentors who have confirmed an obligation to the arena of schooling and inclination for lifelong learning, to involve parents in the learning progression of their children, to provide a hygienic, innocuous and capacious facility that compliments early childhood edification and to provide children with growth domains and intents for early childhood tutelage. The program of study encompasses twenty thematic units premeditated to be instigated over a two to six week period.

KIS International School

It is situated at the Pracha-Utit zone of Bangkok. The address is Pracha-Utit Street, 999/124 Kesinee Ville, Huay Kwang, Bangkok, 10320, Thailand. This is an IB World School proposing the International Baccalaureate curriculum exclusively. Undergraduates here can follow a continuum of IB edification right from the inception through the following programs

- The primary course for ages 3- 11 years, the middle course for ages 11-16 years and the IB diploma course for ages 16-18 years. It is a concerted community of above 500 schoolchildren and 40 nationalities. Its devoted professors and compassionate parents slog together to achieve success, with a scholastically stimulating international set of courses and well-rounded program of sports, ingenuity and municipal amenity.

Ladybird International Kindergarten

It is sited at the Sukhumvit sector of Bangkok. The address is Sukhumvit 12, Soi Promsri 39, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. The school has confidence in the fact that quality early-care and tutelage is not expensive, but it is priceless. It believes in the theory of compound acumens developed in 1983 by a professor of education at Harvard University. At the core of this philosophy is the acknowledgment that individuals contemplate and acquire differently and that perspicacity can be articulated in a multitude of ways. For instance, general public can express their talent in verses (verbal/etymological aptitude), through statistics and logic (rational/mathematical aptitude) and in depictions and metaphors (pictorial/spatial acumen). They also can express their intellect through songs (musical/cadenced intelligence).

Le Lycée Français International de Bangkok
It is positioned at the Wangthonglang expanse of Bangkok. The address is Thep Leela 1, 498, soi Rhamkhamhaeng 39, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand. Primary school is the first level of education. It is composed of the nursery school and elementary school. It is the basis on which is built a training to lead young people to the best level of qualification and prepare them for their life of citizens. The master of the French language, the first notions of mathematics learning, the training of the citizen is the priorities of training at the primary school. Place in a living language teaching, sport, science, cultural, and artistic education computer is also made.

Little House International Pre-School

It is located at the Klong ton Nua vicinity of Bangkok. The address is 107-107/1 Sukumwit 55 Klong ton Nua, Wattana Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Snuggled on the outskirts of Thonglo, Little House International Pre-School delivers a supplemented early year’s milieu where dynamic erudition is buoyed through an age apposite core curriculum.  Youngsters at Little House have prospects that upkeep all areas of their growth so that they can be proficient apprentices, poised and articulate communicators, who revere others. With our extensive populace of global undergraduates English is the mutual language.  Our hospitable atmosphere makes the move from home to school much more stress-free. The enormous parklands sanction free alfresco play where much social collaboration takes place.

Magic Years International Kindergarten

It is situated at the Nonthaburi district of Bangkok. The address is Pakkred, 59/307-308 Muangthong Thani, Chaengwattana 29, Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand. The tractability presented here sanctions teachers the ability to support children’s welfares and shape up their self-esteem. A light yet appealing snack is served in the morning, as well as a nutritious and also sumptuous lunch at noon. Those parents, who prefer their children don’t eat anything outside home, can send in their own homemade food. A very special feature is the Lunch Bunch, an alternative for kids to stay back at school from 12pm to 12:30pm and dine among the company of their friends. Countless parents find that their offspring eat better at school than they do at home.

Modern International School

It is situated at the Wattanaregion area of Bangkok. The address is 125-135 Sukhumvit Soi, Phobmitr, 39 Street, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand. The program of study is centered on continuing reflection and assessment in six criteria of erudition and progress, viz. – Individual, communal and emotional development, communiqué, language and literacy, problem cracking, cognitive and numerical competence, acquaintance and understanding of the world, somatic development and creative development. The Primary stage includes Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 which instigates at age 5 and continues up to 11. After grooming their talents in the Early Years, the primary set of courses based on the British Curriculum offers stretched out prospects for the undergraduates in preparation for the CIE’s IGCSE program.

Modern Montessori International Pre-School

It is situated at the Sukhumit district of Bangkok. The address is Klongtoey 14, Soi 34, Sukhumit Street, Bangkok 10110, Thailiand. Its mission is to sustain the opulent Montessori custom by promoting the most au fait and comprehensive options and child development facilities based on the Montessori Scheme of Schooling. The school envisages in being a prominent edifying foundation in Thailand with outstanding services and a complete obligation to its beneficiaries’ chucks. Inside the minds of the apprentices it stimulates a sagacity of belonging, cultivates the students’ full potential, buoys up an groundbreaking methodology, conserves a service-centric focus and seeks distinction constantly.

Mulberry House International Pre-School

It is set at the Lumpini borough of Bangkok. The address is Pathumwan, 7 Soi Tonson, Ploenchit Street, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. Here, the classroom exertion is principally theme based and places exceptional stress on the expansion of literacy and numeracy. Mulberry House targets at conveying a poised program that expedites education through play and familiarity. They preserve precise annals of the children’s advancement and inspire a tide of information amid home and school. In Mondays and Tuesdays from 13.00 to 14.30, they host a completely overseen mother- toddler assembly for children aged 10 months and older. In this assemblage, kids are inspired to paint, do artistries, swim, join in during music period and reconnoiter the schoolroom/lax gym.

Nakornpayap International School

It is positioned at the Muang Chiangmai locality of Bangkok. The address is Sanphisua, 240 Moo 6, Muang Chiangmai 50300, Thailand. An assemblage of financiers recognized a necessity for an inclusive, profane international school using a United States course reformed for the cultural and etymological necessities of pupils at all levels within South East Asia. At that time the one prevailing intercontinental school in Chiang Mai did not offer tuition yonder Grade 10. The original architects came up to the benefactor, requesting him to be an investor in the venture. At that time she was engrossed in the project due to her yearning to make sure that her nephew would receive tutelage that she felt confident with.

New International School of Thailand

It is placed at the Sukhumvit neighbourhood of Bangkok. The address is 36 Sukhumvit Soi 155, Bangkok 17110, Thailand. The Elementary Section (Early Years to Year 6) has designated the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program as the rudimentary tuition. This unit aids schoolchildren aged from 3 to 10. In the Lower Secondary, a well-adjusted and thought-provoking program of study is offered thru an eclectic assortment of moot and non-academic themes. Stress is on developing self-governing philosophy, the capacity to value gen and on mastery of talents. The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program was incorporated in 1997, aimed at delivering a five-year conduit leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma. This fragment obliges learners aged from 11 to 15.

New Sathorn International School

It’s sited at the Naradhiwas vicinity of Bangkok. The address is Chong Nongsi, 289/2 to 289/5 Soi 24 Naradhiwas Road, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand. ESL at NSIS is poles apart from the common TEFL traditions round the realms of education. In maximum circumstances, it is the goal of the program to style a person as an operative conversationalist in run-of-the-mill situations, to type traveller chaperons and ease people into comfortableness for a few weeks in an extraneous acreage. Here, it is compulsory to apprehend an absolutely dissimilar end. The schoolchildren need to be capable of functioning in an academic milieu. They need to be able to interconnect more delicate notions, compose commanding theses and comprehend multifaceted concepts in script and discourse.

Pan-Asia International School

It’s to be found at the Kwang Dokmai locale of Bangkok. The address is Pravet  Rama 100 Moo 3, Charaemprakiat 9 Lane, Kwang Dokmai, Bangkok 10250, Thailand. PAIS houses a swiftly budding library.  This year alone it has bolstered itself with over  11,000 volumes in English, Thai and other argots.  We now have more than 13,000 tomes overall.  Pupils are delivered with an eclectic multitude of fiction and factual accounts in the library tallying to journals such as fortnightlies, broadsheets and mainframe resources. PAIS has two abundantly equipped and well-designed Science Labs – one packed lab for Chemistry and one more lab for Physics. Both test centers offer the space and assets fledgling minds need to get engrossed in genuine methodical innovation.

Regent’s School

It is located at the Huay Kwang district of Bangkok. The address is 592 – Uthit  Pracha Street,  Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand. The Regent’s after school activities program is an occasion for schoolchildren to discern fresh erudition experiences and to develop treasured life skills through an exciting and artistic set of ventures, clubs, grants and accomplishments. The activities program is built on the Pillars of Round Square (IDEALS) and CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) which is a significant facet of the IB program.  They hearten the pupils to attempt new and mottled undertakings throughout a school year and not just concentrating on one Round Square Pillar or range of CAS.

Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School

It is positioned at the Ramkhamhaeng district of Bangkok. The address is Huamark, 1 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 119, Sukhapibal 3, Bangkok 10240, Thailand.  Here youngsters will start exploring and scrutinizing the stuff around them through the consumption of serpentine resources and happenstance a comprehensive array of experiences while on stage, working and cramming with other kids coming from miscellaneous nations.  Kids will listen and reply to verbal communication and take part in construing and inscribing attempts.  They will execute calculative actions correlated to hands-on experiences by means of a catholic assortment of means for sensory-motor dexterity development and problem countering. They will grow constructive sense of themselves and self-confidence through the use of speckled unscrupulous tools and teacher’s underpinning.

Rasami International School

It is placed at the Rajavithi borough of Bangkok. The address is Phayathai, 48/2 Rajavithi 2, Rajavithi Street, Bangkok 10400, Thailand. This is a graduate school unlike any other, in a standard of its own. Here, each student is acknowledged as a singular. The school has exceptional ether which sets it at a distance from sundry other global schools. This distinctive ambience is one of the most conspicuous effects about Rasami. You will find content apprentices going about in a resolute mode in a stunning setting. There is a sense of community founded on reciprocated confidence, veneration and concern for others. Their academic fallouts are extraordinary by any standard, as they place the status of outstanding quality above all.

Saint John’s International School

It is sited at the Chatuchak borough of Bangkok. The address is Chatuchak, 1110/5 Vipavadee-Rangsit Street Bangkok 10900, Thailand. This is a very unique school that provides both the American and the British modes of education in one campus and within the realms of one boundary wall. The International Diploma Program delivers English Language Learning (ELL) provision for all non-native English speaking schoolchildren.  This sustenance is delivered in the lecture theater to guarantee that all the pupils endure to progress their English skills. Even students, who have established a high level of aptitude, typically carry on needing backing in definite zones.

Shrewsbury International School

It is sited at the Wat Prayakrai municipality of Bangkok. The address is Bang Kholame, 1922 Charoen Krung Street, Wat Prayakrai, Bangkok 10120, Thailand. Shrewsbury International School aims to endorse a lenient and obliged assessment of others who comprehend things contrarily, and targets granting the pupils familiarity about world faiths, credence systems and ethnic miscellany. They aim to use the internationalism of the learners and their settlement at the pivot of Asian tourism to their improvement and to progress a problem-solving approach which distinguishes the interconnectedness of the contemporary world. The tutors appreciate that Shrewsbury emboldens broadmindedness, understanding of others and incorporation of all undergraduates and then upkeep these ethics.

Singapore International School of Bangkok

It is located at the Klongton Nua metropolis of Bangkok. The address is Soi Ekamai 14, 154 Sukhumvit 63, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. SISB has developed at a stride that has required the panel to look for a new setting to lodge the extension. As a result, the new estate at Pracha Uthid was regarded and sanctioned. The new precincts with up-to-date conveniences and superior space will positively boost the class of erudition and instruction. This new edifice is by no means a minor mission. Hence, the school authority would like to encompass parents at all the diverse junctures of the new school’s expansion to collect their cherished involvement and make this a conservatory of their choice.

St. Andrews International School Bangkok

It is placed at the Prakanong burgh of Bangkok. The address is Sukhumvit Soi 71, Pridi Banomyong 20/1, Prakanong, Bangkok 10110 Thailand. It has two other campuses within Bangkok. The extra curriculum program at St. Andrews has an outstanding optimal of accomplishments obtainable to schoolchildren. Schooling staff involved in extracurricular clubs have professional skills, welfares and credentials outside their ordinary training obligations which, in turn, mean they can bargain a miscellaneous choice of undertakings. In addition to instructor based events, St. Andrews also bids extracurricular activities run by external sources. Outside breadwinners employed within the school’s extracurricular program are likely to maneuver in a proficient routine that exhibits quality scheduling and wide-ranging edifying results.

St. George’s International School

It is located at the Pattanakarn Soi area of Bangkok. The address is Prawet 166/1 Pattanakarn Soi 78, Bangkok 10250. They offer an opulent cultural atmosphere by uniting the finest of British education with Thai civilization and philosophy.  Their sketchily based program of study is supplemented by an extensive range of evenhanded and inventive prospects as well as stirring after school activities and all-embracing summer school program. They also offer a program for Thai kids during their school breaks. Acolytes are able to come to St George’s and link with their age-suitable class which assists them to assimilate into a universal setting with a view to enlightening and constructing English skills.

St. Mark’s International School and Nursery

It is situated at the New Rama zone of Bangkok. The address is Suanluang, 900 New Rama 9 Street, Bangkok 10250. To implant the awareness and understanding of our domain, the Early Years’ prospectus emphasizes on education through a sequence of schoolwork themes, which will countenance students to learn through exploration and imaginative play.  To inculcate an ethos of life-long scholarship, their students acquire a variety of issues through exciting and stirring ways. The Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) is a training of human advancement and how people have systematized themselves into the world over time, and how they have intermingled with their physical environs. SOSE comprises the aspects of History, Geography, Economy and society.

St. Stephen’s International School, Bangkok

It is placed at the New Rama precinct of Bangkok. The address is Lad Yao, Viphavadi Rangsit Street, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900. This is a very unique school which teaches the Thai national curriculum. Among all the international, American, British, Australian and Canadian schools, this one stands out with pride and dignity. It emphasizes on ICT, this is taught as a discrete subject at Early Years, Primary and Secondary Levels and undergraduates may also select ICT as a choice at IGCSE and Advanced Level. There is a another special featureof the school, which is – it has a number of specialized ‘camps’ for different interests viz. Khao Yai English and Adventure camp, Pattaya Sailing camp, Bangkok English camp etc.

The First Steps International Pre-School

It is positioned at the Sukumvit Soi sector of Bangkok. The address is Wattana, 58/2 Sukumvit Soi 31, Yaek 4, Klongtan Nua, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. The First Steps proposes a really exceptional opening for youngsters to acquire diverse lingoes in the same scholastic environment. There are choices for the kids to join courses in German or French during the day, in which they would study alongside native speaking broods.  It offers a German Kindergarten class, communicated by an experienced German lecturer, to children aged 2 to 6 years old. French Kindergarten lessons are also accessible to the same pupils, and are taught by a competent French instructor.

Topsy Turvy International – The British School of Bangkok Ltd

It is located at the Sukhumvit segment of Bangkok. The address is Klong Toey, 36/ 36-1 Sukhumvit Soi 4, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand. The British School of Bangkok uses the 2008 EYFS deed as the core program. Each tutorial room portrays the Early Years Foundation Stage Ideologies and it is from these doctrines along with the mission proclamation and goalmouths that the professors base their schooling on. The philosophies are set into four themes and monitor how we demonstrate the children – Unique children, positive relationships, enabling environment and learning & development. There is an English Language Centre that offers sustenance to kids who have partial skill in the English Language.

Traill International School

It is situated at the Ramkhamhaeng section of Bangkok. The address is Huamark, 43 Soi 16 Ramkhamhaeng Street, Bangkok 10240, Thailand. A luxuriantly demonstrated, seven-level expansive program for early greenhorns, Backpack is chock full of prospects to hit the books through beguiling melodies and jingles, markers, tournaments, hands-on assignments and Total Physical Response (TPR) activities. Each component generates a framework that conveys the outside realm of English into the tutorial room to make learning both concerted and amusing. Humorous cartoon stories are used to familiarize key semantics. Learners profit from lots of construing practice with special interpretation segments after every two items. It concocts apprentices for Cambridge Young Learners tests with added practice in the Test Time folios.

Trinity International School

It is situated at the Klongtoey vicinity of Bangkok. The address is Klongton, 30 Sukhumvit 36 Lane 2 Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. The Art curriculum is planned to provide that kind of drill which will edify and stimulate the artistic development in the works of pupils who pursue the courses that are accessible to them. The Art of former eras, as well as that of the current period is studied, so that the procedure which makes human actions eloquent in the light of all human struggles is understood and prized. At TRIS, tutors and proprietors are role models. They lead by case in point. Schoolchildren learn decent English skills and elegant societal conduct as they come in to contact with instructors and seniors.

Wells International School

It’s to be found at the Prakhanong locale of Bangkok. The address is Bangchak, 2209 Sukhumvit Road, Prakhanong, Bangkok 10260, Thailand. In addition to academic sustenance and lessons delivered after school, its On Nut campus offers a catholic variation of events, comprising both athletic and arts programs. The precise programs being presented each semester rest on on the extent of attention spawned. After-school modules and undertakings allow schoolchildren to discover their interests and express their fortes in a constructive style. Through partaking in such programs, they begin to grow self-assurance and communal skills while gaining treasured skills and understanding. Though involvement is not compulsory, all students are highly stimulated to take part in such events in order to become well-rounded, affianced learners.

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