Lighting Your Condo Rooms

With all the things that must be done in order to decorate your new home, you might forget to plan for the lighting of the different rooms in the house. Lighting the rooms effectively is essential in enjoying every corner of your Bangkok condo, as it can make or break you and your family’s time spent in your new home.

Lighting Room by Room

Each type of room differs in its lighting needs, depending on what activities you are planning to do in such room. The master bedroom for you and your spouse must have an inviting, warm lighting to set a romantic mood when you are spending your time together in this room.  Swing-arm lamps are a common trend for big rooms such as this.The same goes for your kids’ bedrooms, but don’t forget to place a nice, bright light near your kid’s study table so he can read his books in comfort. Highly-demanding rooms when it comes to lighting include the kitchen, the home office and the dining area. Your living room only needs an ambient lighting to make it room friendly.

Natural and Artificial Light

Rooms that have many windows benefit from the welcoming feeling that is brought by letting natural light enter them. Natural light always provide a happy, cheerful atmosphere inside any room that is why you must maximize it by allowing natural light to pass through glass-block window in bathrooms and French doors near the living room. You may also place small windows near the staircase or at dark rooms to brighten them up. On the other hand, areas that cannot be reached by natural light can always gain a brilliant look with the help of an artificial light. These may include the kitchen and the dining area.

Choosing Bulbs

Bulbs using 200 watts that produce more light than others or those that have higher lumens are definitely preferable than 200-watt bulbs with lower lumens. They are more efficient to use and saves you from purchasing more bulbs than what you should when you buy high-lumen bulbs.

When it comes to what type of light bulb you should buy, you can choose among incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. Incandescent bulbs produce yellowish white light, which looks great when you place them at the living room. However, fluorescent bulbs produce white and quirky colors like green and red, and also last longer, about 20 times, than incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs produce a brighter white light, but they produce more heat than fluorescent bulbs which make them fire hazards.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures greatly enhance rooms by amplifying their elegance and sophistication. A chandelier on the ceiling of the living room and/or dining room improves the overall appearance of the room, as well as an ornate chandelier over the table in your home office or family room. Traditional rooms can be beautified by porcelain jar lamps, candle sticks, banker’s lamps and other conventional lighting fixtures. For modernized rooms, contemporary lighting fixtures with stainless steel or polished chrome are perfect.



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