Styling Your Condo Bedroom on a Budget

Many people think of their Bangkok condo bedroom as a place to sleep or nap – no more, no less. But there are times when one can’t sleep in comfort because the room does not give a soothing atmosphere at all. For sure, you have your dream bedrooms in mind, but you might be thinking that you can’t achieve that kind of look because of the tight budget you have. But now, you can recreate your bedroom into something you really want to sleep in with these tips on decorating your bedroom:

Raid Thrift Shops and Flea Markets

Surely, new furniture, beddings, paint, fabrics, and room accessories are a pain in the pocket, but thanks to flea markets and thrift shops, you can actually get all of these and more within the budget you’ve set. For instance, you can get beddings for $70 or even less, as well as cans of paint for $10 to $20. Lighting fixtures and furniture for your Bangkok condo are also sold in these thrift stores, so brace yourself in finding room accessories that will suit your budget and your taste.

Repaint Your Bedroom Walls

Nothing makes a bedroom look renewed and refreshing than newly painted walls. Paint your walls with pastel colors such as baby blue, light pink or pale yellow. If the budget doesn’t permit this, you actually don’t need to buy new paint and change the color of your bedroom walls. All you need to do is to buy complementing color paint and create interesting patterns and designs on your bedroom walls. And while you’re at it, you may place old pictures, nice prints and paintings from flea markets on the walls.

Refurnish Your Furniture

Make your furniture look brand new by repainting them and putting several coats of varnish on them. This will make them appear shiny especially when light strikes them. Also, change the colors of your lighting fixtures according to the color scheme of your beddings and window drapes.

Organize Your Stuff

The first step in any makeover is to remove all clutter and organize things accordingly. Use stylish containers to organize your clothes, shoes, accessories and other stuff. Remove anything that doesn’t help in relaxation or even in romance between you and your spouse. Keep your music player inside the room, but you may want to move the TV somewhere else, because studies show that it does not help when you want to take a nap or have a good night’s sleep.

Stylize Your Bed

This is probably the most critical task in any bedroom makeover. Your bed is the central piece in your room, so it should contain only the best beddings. If you don’t have one, you may simply use a comfort or a duvet and top it on the bed as bedding. The bedding must be thick, soft-looking and elegant with rich colors that suit your taste. If you can’t decide with the color, go for a dark brown, rich red, or feminine pink bedding. The style and patterns of the bedding must not be too complicated so that the pillow covers would look nice once you place the pillows on the bed. You may place a wall-mounted head board to turn your simple bed into a sleek-looking one.

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