Piri Property has launched its services in November 2010 and is steadily growing since then. Whether you just recently moved to Thailand or you´re residing here for long already, you will have noticed the amount of real estate agents on the market. When we were looking for a room ourselves, we faced that several agents which we contacted never gave any response. This and other things like the lack of service in terms of showing a suitable apartment or condominium, the willingness to negotiate with the owners or the willingness to show other properties in their portfolio when you don´t like the first pick made us form Piri Property.

Having worked for several years in a big real estate company years ago lead to the final decision that the market is still open for a service oriented, client friendly and “open for all kinds of budget ranges” agency. The former expertise, personal experience and the willingness to serve expats and locals to find a suitable place to live makes us your choice as a reliable realtor.

Why not having a try? Browse through our listings with Bangkok Condos and Houses or fill out the contact form and tell us your needs – we will call you back and show you suitable units for your stay!

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